Friday, May 7, 2010

Old Doll Clothes - New Ideas

A dear customer of mine sent me a pile of old doll clothes recently. For inspiration ...I think it worked. I took some pictures of the pretty clothes she sent me. Some of them did not have any labels. So I don't know where they came from. But I particularly loved the old bloomers and pantaloons!
I got some great ideas how to spruce up my inventory and offer some new clothes that fit my style. The ruffled bloomers I posted yesterday where inspired by the old fashioned doll clothes you see in today's pictures. My mom made doll clothes like that for me when I was little. Unfortunately I wasn't able to save any of them. They got lost when I moved to the US. =(


Folky Dots....Treasures for the Sweetest People said...

Oh Lovely!
I bought some old doll clothes last summer at an estate auction of an elderly lady in our little community.

They are dear to me. Sweet pintucks and piping in the collar.


Steph said...

Oh they are sweet. Can't wait to see what you do with them.