Monday, December 1, 2014

Is it Advent already?

Whether we are ready or not. Advent always arrives. I am so not ready this year. I can't believe I forgot to dig out my Wreath this weekend. I sure hope I find it today. Wish me luck!

Did you all participate in the Black Friday craziness? I only went to one store with my daughter because there was this pair of boots she really wanted. Strangely enough the store was very empty. I guess we came between rushes. 9 o'clock was a good time.

I skipped JoAnn's completely this year. What a good girl I have been. No more hoarding of fabric over here.

Thanksgiving was wonderful. Just 3 days of messing around in the kitchen. Cook, clean, and serve. Then clean again. Time to start thinking of Christmas cooking.

When I saw those videos of crazed people trampling each other at malls I was so glad to be at home. All the shopping I did was from my computer screen, right here.

Now it's Cyber Monday. If you still need a sweet little treat for under your tree you can visit my etsyshop. I promise it is definitely safe and the most relaxed place to shop. =)

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