Tuesday, October 28, 2014


It's time for a new report. Maybe some of you have wondered how I have fared in my new job? Have you missed my musings at all?

Well, if you want to know: I LOVE MY NEW JOB! It has been a great challenge but for the first time, in a long while, I am really happy.

I love working with kids. What kind of came as a surprise to me, is the fact that I actually enjoy teaching High School and Middle School students a lot.

Of course, it could not be helped that the matter of my accent came up. The question seems never far behind once I open my mouth and start talking to a stranger. Are you Irish? (never thought I sounded Irish). What country are you from? Germany! Wow, that is so cool! Can you teach us some words.

Well, that part did not go over too badly... They actually liked my accent. Smiles.

But there were some very hard moments. Like that moment when I had to teach an English class about  Art Spiegleman's Maus novel. When you are German, it appears, you can never get away from your horrible history. You have to live with that fear. Maybe it's just in your imagination. But you are always afraid that people stare at you and think: Her people did that. Or even worse, if folks cannot do the math: She did that... I actually came across a youngster last year who asked me what I did during WWII? Ahem, do I look that old? What are they teaching you in history class?

Anyways. I had never read that graphic novel about the holocaust. Then I had to read passages of it out loud to the kids. I kind of choked on the words. You know there is that part in the story where the Nazis bash little kids' heads into walls since they would not stop screaming as they were taken away to the camps... Tough day at work. I am not sure the kids noticed it. I almost cried...

But it is all good. We must never forget! We must constantly remind ourselves and teach others what can happen if humans don't study and remember their history. We must study it and reflect upon all of it: the Good, the Bad, and especially the really Ugly parts. For if we don't we may repeat the mistakes of the past.

On the days I go in to teach I get pretty tired. I find myself coming home and in need of a nap. Since I am only a substitute teacher I get called whenever there is a teacher missing. Kind of keeps the job very interesting. You never know what can happen. =)

On the days I stay home I  get to make dolls and reflect on the human condition. It's the perfect combination for  my soul. Like I said, for the first time in a long while I am truly happy.

I filled my doll shop with goodies for Christmas. I made tons of little boots because I have this huge stash of felt that needs moving. So if you need some doll shoes I'd appreciate it if you bought a pair. Let me know if there is a color you would like to see that I forgot to make...


Jenny said...

I am so happy for you Ulla.

germandolls said...

Thanks, Jenny! It is the best decision I made in a while. I feel totally inspired and happy in the place I am right now. =)