Sunday, July 6, 2014

germandolls Christmas in July SALE

I hope you had a good Fourth of July with the fam! I most certainly did. lots of parties to go to. People and Parties. that is what the holiday is about, right? I love it. it's always one of the highlights of the summer.

then as a bonus, on top of all the fun, the German soccer team managed to win another game and make it into the next round of the World Cup. I was happy that the host of the party I went to let me watch the game on their lovely flatscreen TV. Nobody cared about the soccer but folks do understand cheering for your team... Yay! Go Germany!

 with all the excitement about Fussball I realized this weekend that I forgot to create the annual Christmas in July event in my etsyshop. So here it is.

hope you like my poster and stop by. the event is for those folks who like to get started on their Christmas shopping early. it may be the only sale I will have this year...

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