Thursday, September 8, 2011

That Silly Old House...

We have been living in our little old house since 1998. In fact we moved in the day our son was born. In those 13 years we have done tons of work on this house. One thing one should keep in mind buying an old house: When you start a project it's never what you thought it would be.

It's sort of like excavating the mistakes of owners' past...

Check out this lovely hallway. We have never painted it. Why? Because the ceilings are so high. One really should use scaffolding to do the job. But who needs that when you have an uncle who is handy and determined to play Cirque du Soleil at your house? The children got so worried about his balancing act on a couple of ladders and wooden planks they started piling pillows at bottom of the stairs and brought me the phone to call 911.

Luckily nobody got injured. The uncle left. The project is not finished. Hmm. Now does this look worse than before? I only have to scrape >a few more areas< where the paint is loose from an ancient leak that must have occurred many years before our time. The previous owners painted over the mess instead of peeling off all the lose paint.

I have decided to do a little bit each day while I contemplate what color to paint it. First I was leaning towards a pretty grey. But after scraping off all that old greyish paint I changed my mind. I want something bright. I want the intense blue they use in Greek houses. Not that I have ever been there. But why not bring Greece here? I still have not found the right shade of blue. Do you have any suggestions? I only want to do this once. I cannot afford to make a mistake here. So please help me find the perfect color.

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