Saturday, July 30, 2011

Above the Clouds

Waiting for the ride
The children and I got our first ride in a hot air Balloon today at the Weld County Fair. Every year a ballonist from the area offers free rides for people who otherwise would probably never be able to afford this.

I was a little scared. I don't like heights very much. The Balloon was tethered to the ground and we did not really lift off and go very far. But still...

Getting situated

Have you ever travelled in a hot air Balloon? I was really surprised how strange it felt. In a matter of less than a minute you are high up. Floating above the earth. You hardly feel the wind. Reminded me of a song called Ueber den Wolken by  German singer and songwriter named Reinhard Mey.

Take off

                                                  Ueber den Wolken
                                           muss die Freiheit wohl grenzenlos sein...
                                           alle Aengste, alle Sorgen sagt man
                                           blieben darunter verborgen
                                           und dann wuerde
                                           was uns gross und wichtig erscheint
                                           ploetzlich nichtig und klein...

                                                 Above the clouds
                                               Freedom must be endless
                                               All fears and sorrows - they say     
                                               Remain hidden beneath
                                               and then everything
                                               that seemed big and important to us before
                                               becomes small and negligible

I am so glad I overcame my fear and tried it. We didn't go up above the clouds. But it was a truly an amazing experience.


Julie said...

Oh,I don't think I could do it. I'm so very afraid of heights, I can't even climb on top of my kitchen counter. Which is really such a shame because I'm sure the view would be magnificent! (from the balloon, not my kitchen counter ;-))

germandolls said...

Hey, Julie. I was really really scared but then I did okay. Good thing I am tall and don't need to climb on the kitchen counter most days...=)