Thursday, June 23, 2011

Celebrate my Flickr: Giveaway

This is the first picture I ever posted on my flickr account. Since then ( April 12, 2008) I have added hundreds more. I have been busy, can you tell?

I usually don't make dolls with noses on them. Can you find the couple of dolls that actually have a nose on them? Maybe there were two or even three photos among all photos on my Flickr account. Find the nose doll(s) pictures and email me the link(s). I will draw a name from all correct entries sent to me.

Please, do leave a comment about the noses not where the doll is located! Do you prefer noses or are you a fan of the noseless kind of doll. You may hint at what the doll is wearing or something like that. Just don't give away the answer in your comment! It's more fun that way! =)

Drawing will be held July 4th! You will win something as sweet and cute as this first outfit I posted! Promise!


Mare said...

I only found 1 doll, Audrey, page 10, flicker.

germandolls said...

Please, don't give away the answer in your comment here! I love getting your comments but I cannot give the answer away. It must be a competition after all. There are more than one doll with a nose!

germandolls said...

I got one comment form Mare so far! She found one of the dolls and is entered in the drawing. I cannot publish her comment because it would give away the answer. =)

Jennifer said...

I like both with and without noses but I do know my favorite dolls tend to be those without.

Tracy said...

That was more challenging than I thought, but oh so much fun to look through your wonderful dolls. Finally a little short haired blonde all decked all out in her fall finest (her name begins with A) caught our eye!;)

To the Moon said...

I enjoyed looking at your dolls. Practice makes perfect.

pinksarahh said...

Oh my gosh! Looking thru your dolls makes me want one so bad!

A nose doesn't bother me if it is slight....

srockaway at yahoo dot com

elizabethwing1 said...

Oh my, you have been busy. I got so caught up looking at all the beautiful dolls and clothes that I forgot I was supposed to be looking for noses! I could look all day. So sweet. :)

mini said...

We have never had a doll without a nose. I think your dolls look just about perfect and complete the way they are. For my daughter a nose (and a belly button) is a must though.

I have found a beautiful doll in a dress with "Kuerbissen" with a nose :-)

Thank you for the fun giveaway! And have a great holiday wee-end!


Austina said...

I had so much fun looking at all the pictures. You dolls are GORGEOUS. Everything you make is GORGEOUS.
I emailed you the picture links I found..
Thank You so much for this wonderful giveaway.
I like the dolls with and without noses but I tend to like them to have noses.
Thank You so much..
Big Hugs to you
(you have my email addy from the email I sent you)

Mike said...

It's not the nose that makes the doll. It's the detail of the doll that makes it beautiful.