Wednesday, May 11, 2011



Making coffee first thing in the morning
Typing away on the computer
Gently tapping on the childs' shoulder rousing them from sleep
Making breakfast
Driving the neighborhood carpool to school
Turning the radio to the favorite station
Making dollies

Where to start?
Clearing yesterday's mess off the worktable
Rolling dolly heads
Sewing a doll body
Embroidering a pair of tiny eyes
Cutting dolly clothes
Felting a Leaf bed with a Ladybug

Cleaning house - do I really have to?
Sweeping the kitchen floor
Starting a load of laundry. Really?
Washing the dishes and putting them away
Hanging the laundry when the sun comes out
Picking up the house
Sorting through paperwork and bills
Folding the laundry
Prepping food for dinner
Emptying the scraps in compost pile

Where does the list end?
Hands of the artist and mother get tired

So for Mother's Day, this year, I received a pair of protective gloves
Will they keep those hands moving happily?


softearthart said...

I am smiling, still one does so much loving with ones hands, a delightful post. cheers Marie

woolies said...

beautiful post!

MuddyFeet said...

I just love this! Your hands make such amazing dolls!!!

germandolls said...

Thanks, gals! You are making me blush...

Mike said...

Who gave you the gloves for Mother's day?