Thursday, December 16, 2010

Artfire - I don't get it...

Okay, so I have been on Artfire since October this year. I mean seriously, that's when I opened a Pro account. Before that I had a regular account but never visited much. There was all the hype about locking into the $5.95 deal back then. Now I have been there as a pro for almost 3 months.
How in the world does one get sales on that site? I just can't figure it out.

1. I transfered all - or most of my Etsy items there
2. I offered them for less money than on my Etsy site
3. I checked in daily
4. I tweeted and facebooked about it
5. I kept getting featured in tons of collections, heck I even made it to the frontpage one day.

Still NADA. What is the secrete of that site? I just don't get it.
Meanwhile I have sales on Etsy every day....I should be happy. Looks like my eggs will have to remain in that one "etsybasket" ... I'd be glad for any advice...


Mare said...

I cannot offer you any advice on Artfire as i have only looked at that site a few times. I have a shop at Etsy, and honestly i do not have many sales there either. I also blog and post on facebook, but to no avail. I think the economy is one huge factor. However i tend to sell almost too well in the brick and mortar shops i put my handmade things in, as i can barely keep up with the orders. Maybe folks just don't recognize you are at Artfire too? They think of you and Etsy as a team? Anyway, i am looking forward to the day when i start selling regularly at Etsy too! I know it will happen if i keep at it. Merry Christmas to You and Yours! mare

germandolls said...

Hi Mare! Thanks for stopping by! I really appreciate all the kind comments you have left me over time! I hope your Etsyshop sales improve in the new year! Your upcycled bears are so sweet! Merry Christmas to you, too!

mini said...

Personally I don't like Artfire shops. I just don't like shopping there. There I only go to specific shops that I know (and have learnt about somewhere else). I have never browsed anything other than what I came for on Artfire. From all the online shops I know I prefer BigCartel (by far).

I have never tried to sell anything in an online shop so I might not be of much use. I am going to volunteer my opinion anyways ;-) I think everything apart from Etsy (and Ebay) only works with your customer base or lots of advertisement somewhere else. To me Etsy is ideal to browse different stores. I have found so many interesting stores on Etsy and things I didn't even know I needed them.

You could try to announce to sell specific (more expensive items) in your Artfire shop. Let's say if someone asks for a custom you could list it on Artfire. Or put popular items there. The problem is I think it always needs to be announced or people asking for it.
Einen schoenen vierten Advent!

germandolls said...

Dankeschoen, Ulrike! Es ist interessant das ganze aus der Kaueferperspektive zu betrachten!!! Ich finde Artfire auch etwas haesslich und verwirrend. Neulich wollte ich Feedback hinterlassen und fand es sehr kompliziert. Ich habe keine Zeit ein neues System zu lernen. Thanks so much for your input! Frohes Fest!