Sunday, February 8, 2009

New St. Patrick's Day Offerings

January turned out to be the strangest month ever. My heart was heavy and I felt all torn up about the whole CPSIA situation. What was I to do? Stop making dolls altogether? Or become a maker of "collectible" dolls only? I got bad headaches and stomach aches because of this.

But what helped me through this difficult time was the support of lots of concerned customers who wrote to me. They all were so supportive and kind. Everybody said the same thing: This is crazy! I hope you will keep selling your dolls and doll clothes.

I love making dolls! But I kept asking myself how I could continue. Was it worth going to jail for it? Not really! But I need to create. I love making these dolls! I did not see how I could possibly stop.

I am glad that finally the scare is over. It appears that the people in charge have seen the light and realized that toys made of natural fibers such as cotton, sheep's wool, and mohair yarn do not pose a threat to children.

So in order to celebrate I am posting ome of my new creations to celebrate my craft. Check out my new Pocketdress in honor of St. Patrick's Day. I love green. It is such bright and hopeful color. I am glad that my hopes were not disappointed and that I can keep making my dolls for children and not just adult collectors. =)

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