Monday, January 5, 2009

Taking Breaks and Coming Home

It is good to be home! I cannot believe how long it has been since I last posted. Christmas went by so fast. So many packages to be posted. Christmas cards to be sent the family in Germany and here. It was strange not receive any until three days before Christmas. I had only two cards and kept asking the DH what is going on? Why is nobody sending cards this year? But then they all arrived at once. I guess people waited much longer this year. Maybe the worries about the economy slowed everybody down?
Then we went on a long car trip to New Mexico. I am not a great fan of car travel. But the options of public transportation given in the US what can one do? I really miss the German train system...
I cannot believe we forgot to take the camera. So no pictures from the trip. I love the New Mexican landscape. Not having to take pictures has its advantages too. You have to soak up the beauty with your heart and mind.
I am very tired from the long trip but feel refreshed and ready to create. It was lovely to come home to my sewing machine and our little old house.
Any New Years resolutions? Well, the worries about the new consumer protection laws have really put a dent in all of my dreams and hopes for my little business. I try my best to stay positive. Think positive.
I wish all of my readers, friends, family, others who stumble across my blog by accident a very Happy 2009! May happiness, health, and love be the major themes in your life in this new year!

Your German Dollmaker


gerrijo said...

I hate to even admit this but we STILL haven't yet sent out our Christmas cards. Time just got away from us this year. I guess they will be more like "Happy Middle of January!" cards :)

Daphne said...

I still haven't called you back. I'm SO sorry! I've gotten side tracked with baby things and adjusting to being back home myself! A phone call will be coming your way soon! I promise!!